Noticed this one today when I was on Amazon and wanted to quickly post it - this is such a great deal!  We love Insect Lore's Butterfly Garden and I have done this with my boys in previous years. It's an awesome nature lesson to do with your kids. Insect Lore mails you live caterpillars - around 5 - along with caterpillar food.  You feed them … [Read more...]

With two boys, it's pretty much par for the course that anything creepy, crawly or small and bug like is a hit in our house. So needless to say, since my kids love looking at ants outside, they were more than thrilled to have ants inside of the house via our new Ant Hill from Insect Lore. The kit arrived separately from the ants.  I put the … [Read more...]

So my kids have been running around the house all week wearing their Buzzerks glasses from Insect Lore.  We received one pair of each - a Mantis, Hornet and FireAnt.  My kids quickly determined which belonged to which kid (the third pair, the Hornet was too tight for their heads - my kids have big heads) and they've been off and running with them … [Read more...]

Back in May, I attended a local Dine Out For Hunger event. They had a bunch of giveaways and I let my kids buy tickets and put them into the raffles that most interested them. Nate stuffed almost all of his tickets into the Insect Lore giveaway - five winners being selected to win a Butterfly garden with live caterpillars. He won one of the … [Read more...]