A friend shared this viral Instagram feed over the weekend - check outSocality Barbieif you want to be highly amused at a satirical poke at the modern day Instagram user. The whole Fakebook/perfect Instagram feed thing doesn't really bother me. My feed will never be perfect - there's crazy kids and pets and all sorts of real life family stuff … [Read more...]

I continue to love love love our Stickygram magnets on our fridge.  Stickygram is a company that turns your Instragram photos into magnets for your fridge. You can see how they turned out here - this was a "sheet," so it's one product and cost at Stickygram and then I broke them apart and put them on the fridge:   It's so … [Read more...]

Instagram is totally cool and I love snapping photos and using it. And I have often thought about the fact that I'll snap a really cool photo here and there and then do nothing with it. It'll eventually disappear into the archived folders of my Instagram account never to be seen again. Problem solved: StickyGram! I adore these little magnets that … [Read more...]