So I know most folks use Pandora but at some point along the way (in the last year), I got turned onto Songza, a free Internet radio app, and I've been turned over to them as a loyal listener ever since.  What do you listen to? Songza is a free internet radio app that has it all.  I think what I love the most is the concierge that greets me when … [Read more...]

People - I just shared this on Facebook and had to post it here too. And yes, I'm using all caps on a blog post title but my family was literally just in tears of hysterical laughter having so much fun with this app that I had to do it. Check it out - the BackwardsCam App is $1.99 in the iTunes store and worth every penny. Just film a short … [Read more...]

Okay guys, this app is AWESOME.  I saw Lindsay posting about this on Facebook and knew I had to download it.  Called Stack the States, you have to answer various trivia questions with a multiple choice answer of 4 possibilities. Kids learn about state capitols, state geography and so much more.  (Which state houses which National Park and so … [Read more...]

These days, it's tough to keep up with every blog and every news site you want to.  So many options!  I do love my Pulse News app on my iPad - it consolidates all the blogs and sites I love to read into one program and one visual. It's free and as you can see in the pict on the right you can catch a small photo and snippet of each story before … [Read more...]

I'm kind of surprised at myself that I didn't think to post this one sooner.  I use TripAdvisor all the time.  Pretty much anytime we're on the road, TripAdvisor comes out. As you can probably guess from the title (if you don't already know the website), TripAdvisor is a helpful app for when you are traveling.  It includes reviews and ratings … [Read more...]

Did any of you guys play the Sim games when you were younger?  I'll admit, I totally loved SimCity, the Sims and SimTower at various points in college.  (Doesn't that date me?)   But I especially remember one summer playing a lot of SimTower for whatever reason. This iPad app, Tower Town, reminds me of SimTower, although it's not just one Tower … [Read more...]

One of the things I'm also looking to do in 2012 is get more organized with my meal planning. (In other words, start doing it since I basically do almost zero meal planning right now).  With the kids in various activities, a hubby who is on the road often at night, I find I'm always disorganized and frustrated around that 5 pm hour when I'm staring … [Read more...]

This one's apropos to New Years Day as today's the day so many people in the world will be starting in on their New Years Resolutions.  Because of course one of the most common New Years Resolutions?  Losing weight and/or getting healthy.  I have blogged many times about My Fitness Pal, mostly as a website and the success I've found using it.  It's … [Read more...]

I have to thank my Twitter buddy @WickedGood for telling me about this one.  My kids and their friends are loving Toca Boca's Hair Salon, a fun little app where you run a hair salon and get to do all sorts of fun things to your customer's hair. It works on the iPad, iPhone and iPod and Toca Boca Hair Salon costs $1.99 in the iTunes store.  Well … [Read more...]

Yah yah probably most of you know about Words with Friends but this app may be used on my iPad more than anything else.  It's basically Scrabble without the name Scrabble.  It's good fun for all ages and you play friends around the world.  I think I currently have a good 12 games going. It's all ages too - Nate (8) has been playing with some … [Read more...]