Here's another great Black Friday deal - the iPad 2018 is $80 off on Amazon today, $249 for the 32MB today. Looks like a lot of people are taking advantage because it's not shipping for a few days but will still come in time for Christmas! … [Read more...]

  If you're in the market for an iPad, this is a pretty great deal!  The 32GB iPad 4 with Retina Display is on sale via Groupon for $539.99 (normally $729.99, 26% off) - while supplies last!   … [Read more...]

For the first time ever this month, I ordered something off Groupon. Not a restaurant or some sort of coupon deal but an actual product. It was this Aduro Liqua Sheild iPad Keyboard Case and I paid what it's listed for on Amazon. (It retails for $59.99 but Amazon has it listed for $29.99. Should have known Amazon would have it at a great … [Read more...]

What will they think of next?  I'm constantly amazed at the amount of incredible things one can do on an iPad.  My latest cool discovery?  Using a Nomad Brush to "paint" works of art on your iPad. It's a stylus and a paint brush and the reviews are incredible for it.   Nomad's Compose RED dual-tip says "Happy Valentine's Day" on it and can … [Read more...]

These days, it's tough to keep up with every blog and every news site you want to.  So many options!  I do love my Pulse News app on my iPad - it consolidates all the blogs and sites I love to read into one program and one visual. It's free and as you can see in the pict on the right you can catch a small photo and snippet of each story … [Read more...]

I'm kind of surprised at myself that I didn't think to post this one sooner.  I use TripAdvisor all the time.  Pretty much anytime we're on the road, TripAdvisor comes out. As you can probably guess from the title (if you don't already know the website), TripAdvisor is a helpful app for when you are traveling.  It includes reviews and ratings … [Read more...]

Did any of you guys play the Sim games when you were younger?  I'll admit, I totally loved SimCity, the Sims and SimTower at various points in college.  (Doesn't that date me?)   But I especially remember one summer playing a lot of SimTower for whatever reason. This iPad app, Tower Town, reminds me of SimTower, although it's not just one … [Read more...]

One of the things I'm also looking to do in 2012 is get more organized with my meal planning. (In other words, start doing it since I basically do almost zero meal planning right now).  With the kids in various activities, a hubby who is on the road often at night, I find I'm always disorganized and frustrated around that 5 pm hour when I'm … [Read more...]

This one's apropos to New Years Day as today's the day so many people in the world will be starting in on their New Years Resolutions.  Because of course one of the most common New Years Resolutions?  Losing weight and/or getting healthy.  I have blogged many times about My Fitness Pal, mostly as a website and the success I've found using it. … [Read more...]

I have to thank my Twitter buddy @WickedGood for telling me about this one.  My kids and their friends are loving Toca Boca's Hair Salon, a fun little app where you run a hair salon and get to do all sorts of fun things to your customer's hair. It works on the iPad, iPhone and iPod and Toca Boca Hair Salon costs $1.99 in the iTunes store. … [Read more...]