Yah yah probably most of you know about Words with Friends but this app may be used on my iPad more than anything else.  It's basically Scrabble without the name Scrabble.  It's good fun for all ages and you play friends around the world.  I think I currently have a good 12 games going. It's all ages too - Nate (8) has been playing with some … [Read more...]

This is how my kids described this game to me:  "Mom, it's really cool.  You're a cat with a Pop Tart body and you have to fly and catch things while you poop out rainbows." There you go people.  I don't really think that's what it's supposed to be but now that's all I think about when I look at this game.  There's not much to it other than … [Read more...]

I continue to use Qwiki, which I reviewed within the first few days of getting an iPad earlier in the year.  This app and website is like a Wikipedia for your iPad.  You can query just about anything and it'll bring back beautiful pictures and an audio tour of whatever you are looking for information about. Use it online if you don't have an … [Read more...]

My nephew told us about this one.  There's not much to it but it's addicting, quick fun and free!  You're a treasure hunter being chased by crazy monkeys and you have to jump, slide and turn. And the best part, it's free!  Get Temple Run on the iTunes.com store. … [Read more...]

On a whim, I bought Microsoft's Kinectimals iPad app the other day.  I'm pretty much a "if it ain't free in the iTunes store, I'm not gonna look twice" person but something made me shell out the $2.99 for this app.  I've been jonesing for an Xbox and knew Kinectimals was one of the popular Kinect Xbox games.  ($34 on Amazon, btw.) We've only … [Read more...]

Looking for some last minute gifts for the techies in your life? Check out these fun picks from Griffin Technology. iPhone case for the textile lover - designed by Sandy Chilewich, this iPhone 4 case combines a durable impact-resistant polycarbonate inner shell with a modern woven vinyl textile. Turn heads while keeping your tele … [Read more...]

Got this email and thought it was a good one - JumpStart makes some great software for preschool & elementary-school aged kids. Now they are having a 99 cent app sale on iTunes. Get one of seven educational apps from the iTunes store for only 99 cents like the ABC Book for your early preschooler or Math Blaster for the older kids. … [Read more...]

My iPad continues to follow me around the house, 6 weeks in.  Or maybe it's that I won't let it leave my hand.  Either way, where Whitney goes, the iPad goes and I continue to just love having it for so much more than just the "toy" I thought it would be. The last couple of weeks I've been featuring different apps I've been using for myself … [Read more...]

Oh Dear God, I am hooked.  I'm almost sorry that I saw a friend tweeting about this because I am so addicted since finding Words with Friends. I can't get enough.  It's basically Scrabble with only slight variations to the classic game. You can sync it up to Facebook and Twitter and find which of your friends are playing it. If you want to … [Read more...]

It's been a little over three weeks now since I've had an iPad and I still love it more than ever.  Thankfully for me, the novelty has worn off for the kids and while they still love it, they are no longer completely taking it over during the waking hours.  I've had a chance to install and uninstall a lot of apps and I think it's official.  … [Read more...]