A friend of the family intro'd me to this game a couple of weeks ago.  Heads Up! is actually the brain child of Ellen DeGeneres and is a world of fun for only a buck.  It's an app for your phone and it's a lot like Headbandz if you have played that game before.  Basically you have some clues that the guesser can't see - they come up on cards on … [Read more...]

So I know most folks use Pandora but at some point along the way (in the last year), I got turned onto Songza, a free Internet radio app, and I've been turned over to them as a loyal listener ever since.  What do you listen to? Songza is a free internet radio app that has it all.  I think what I love the most is the concierge that greets me … [Read more...]

Pregnant?  I thought this was such a cute app worthy of a mention: BellySnaps.  You can take a maternity photo and then use the app to decorate it with cute borders and tag it with how many months pregnant you are! They have cute borders for photo birth announcements too!  Get Belly Snaps on iTunes for $.99   … [Read more...]

People - I just shared this on Facebook and had to post it here too. And yes, I'm using all caps on a blog post title but my family was literally just in tears of hysterical laughter having so much fun with this app that I had to do it. Check it out - the BackwardsCam App is $1.99 in the iTunes store and worth every penny. Just film a short … [Read more...]

Okay guys, this app is AWESOME.  I saw Lindsay posting about this on Facebook and knew I had to download it.  Called Stack the States, you have to answer various trivia questions with a multiple choice answer of 4 possibilities. Kids learn about state capitols, state geography and so much more.  (Which state houses which National Park and so … [Read more...]

I'm kind of surprised at myself that I didn't think to post this one sooner.  I use TripAdvisor all the time.  Pretty much anytime we're on the road, TripAdvisor comes out. As you can probably guess from the title (if you don't already know the website), TripAdvisor is a helpful app for when you are traveling.  It includes reviews and ratings … [Read more...]

This one's apropos to New Years Day as today's the day so many people in the world will be starting in on their New Years Resolutions.  Because of course one of the most common New Years Resolutions?  Losing weight and/or getting healthy.  I have blogged many times about My Fitness Pal, mostly as a website and the success I've found using it. … [Read more...]

This is how my kids described this game to me:  "Mom, it's really cool.  You're a cat with a Pop Tart body and you have to fly and catch things while you poop out rainbows." There you go people.  I don't really think that's what it's supposed to be but now that's all I think about when I look at this game.  There's not much to it other than … [Read more...]

Red wine with red meat and white wine with fish and chicken, right? Or is it full-bodied wines with heavier meals and white wines with lighter meals? And what wines do you serve with soup, salads or desserts? Usually I tend to buy one type of wine - big, bold reds - because it's what I like to drink best, but sometimes, I admit, I notice that my … [Read more...]

Got this email and thought it was a good one - JumpStart makes some great software for preschool & elementary-school aged kids. Now they are having a 99 cent app sale on iTunes. Get one of seven educational apps from the iTunes store for only 99 cents like the ABC Book for your early preschooler or Math Blaster for the older kids. … [Read more...]