My iPad continues to follow me around the house, 6 weeks in.  Or maybe it's that I won't let it leave my hand.  Either way, where Whitney goes, the iPad goes and I continue to just love having it for so much more than just the "toy" I thought it would be. The last couple of weeks I've been featuring different apps I've been using for myself … [Read more...]

My good friend Colleen from Classy Mommy has a smart hubby.  For fun, he makes iPhone apps.  His latest is an awesome release for Moms.  Called Instant Playdates, this app works on the iPhone and the Android and is available just in time for the coming spring weather! How many times have you been out and about with the kids and stopped at a … [Read more...]

I love my iPhone - and so do my kids. Though I usually only let them use it for special occasions and emergencies (like a surprise 20-minute wait at the doctor's office), the iPhone has a ton of apps that provide kids - even toddlers - with educational and fun games. The Splish Splash Inn is one of the newest ones I've added to my phone. New … [Read more...]