I'm kind of surprised at myself that I didn't think to post this one sooner.  I use TripAdvisor all the time.  Pretty much anytime we're on the road, TripAdvisor comes out. As you can probably guess from the title (if you don't already know the website), TripAdvisor is a helpful app for when you are traveling.  It includes reviews and ratings … [Read more...]

Yah yah probably most of you know about Words with Friends but this app may be used on my iPad more than anything else.  It's basically Scrabble without the name Scrabble.  It's good fun for all ages and you play friends around the world.  I think I currently have a good 12 games going. It's all ages too - Nate (8) has been playing with some … [Read more...]

On a whim, I bought Microsoft's Kinectimals iPad app the other day.  I'm pretty much a "if it ain't free in the iTunes store, I'm not gonna look twice" person but something made me shell out the $2.99 for this app.  I've been jonesing for an Xbox and knew Kinectimals was one of the popular Kinect Xbox games.  ($34 on Amazon, btw.) We've only … [Read more...]

Looking for some last minute gifts for the techies in your life? Check out these fun picks from Griffin Technology. iPhone case for the textile lover - designed by Sandy Chilewich, this iPhone 4 case combines a durable impact-resistant polycarbonate inner shell with a modern woven vinyl textile. Turn heads while keeping your tele … [Read more...]

What will they think of next?  Check out the iBottleOpener.  I'm loving this invention a lot more than the Flip Flop Bottle Opener.  (Because while fun, I often found myself trying not to think about the not-so-sanitary factor that's involved with using the bottom of a shoe to open something you're about to put to your month.) Available for … [Read more...]

Got this email and thought it was a good one - JumpStart makes some great software for preschool & elementary-school aged kids. Now they are having a 99 cent app sale on iTunes. Get one of seven educational apps from the iTunes store for only 99 cents like the ABC Book for your early preschooler or Math Blaster for the older kids. … [Read more...]

My good friend Colleen from Classy Mommy has a smart hubby.  For fun, he makes iPhone apps.  His latest is an awesome release for Moms.  Called Instant Playdates, this app works on the iPhone and the Android and is available just in time for the coming spring weather! How many times have you been out and about with the kids and stopped at a … [Read more...]

The following post was originally posted on MommyPants . It is a review of a new iPhone/iPad app created by fellow Mommies with Style contributor, Ciaran Blumenfeld. My friend Ciaran, aka Momfluential, has a problem. She is brilliant. This is a problem because she has so many ideas and only so many hours in the day. Also, she has four … [Read more...]

Noise.  I have a crazy amount of it in my daily life.  From screaming kids, cats meowing for food, cartoons blaring in the background to the phone ringing every 10 minutes, I have a whole heck of a lot of commotion going on around me at any given moment. So I recently tried out the latest product(the ICON) from Jawbone, makers of the infamous … [Read more...]