One of the things I'm also looking to do in 2012 is get more organized with my meal planning. (In other words, start doing it since I basically do almost zero meal planning right now).  With the kids in various activities, a hubby who is on the road often at night, I find I'm always disorganized and frustrated around that 5 pm hour when I'm … [Read more...]

Yah yah probably most of you know about Words with Friends but this app may be used on my iPad more than anything else.  It's basically Scrabble without the name Scrabble.  It's good fun for all ages and you play friends around the world.  I think I currently have a good 12 games going. It's all ages too - Nate (8) has been playing with some … [Read more...]

Looking for a few more ideas to stuff in the stocking? Budclicks allow your tween or teen to personalize their earbuds with a wide variety of designs, symbols and characters. From flowers, stars and ladybugs to skulls, cupcakes and 8 balls, BudClicks take boring white earbuds to the next level. Simply choose your style, click them on to nearly any … [Read more...]

This is the docking station/speaker set up we have in our kitchen for my iPhone and hubby's iTouch and we just love it. Don't let the size on this JBL OnStage iPod speaker mislead you, it's a powerful little speaker for it's size. We love it because it's so small and easy to move around (and take with us on road trips with the kids) I noticed … [Read more...]