I've been wanting to get a bucket style purse for awhile now. I just love the relaxed look and the bucket bag is super trendy right now. So I was thrilled to be able to check out this new product from J. Jill:  the Bucket Bag ($149). I just adore everything about it - the slouched, relaxed look and the fact that it doesn't look all that big but … [Read more...]

For the second week in a row, I'm featuring J. Jill clothes in Fashion Friday.  It just so happened that I'm doing two separate campaigns with them and they fell within a week!  Which was all sorts of fun because I got to style myself not once, but twice in some of their new fall looks.  So you get to hear about it again but I have some new … [Read more...]

So I was in-store at my local J.Jill yesterday.  One of their stylists came up to me and asked if I was shopping because of the sale.  What sale, I asked?  I was there because I'm a part of a cool event that I'll be helping to host next week - more will be posted here and on All Things Chic next week.  But in the meantime, my ears perked up … [Read more...]

Today's post is about J.Jill, the women's clothing store. Have you guys shopped there before? I have to admit, I hadn't before this campaign. I had been hearing my sister-in-law rave about them for years but for some reason I had never set foot in-store or online at JJill.com. As a part of this campaign, I was given a gift card to shop at J.Jill. … [Read more...]