It's such a nice photo, I had to share.  Here is a group shot of Jennifer Garner with the Mom Bloggers who attended last week's Make Time for Snack Time event with Jennifer Garner, Frigidare and Save the Children. … [Read more...]

So I would have shared this sooner but my 3-year-old decided to hide my camera in a blanket under his bed for two days.  Gotta love those crazy Mom moments! I wanted to post just a couple more photos from my amazing trip up to NYC last Friday to meet Jennifer Garner and to hear more about Snack Time with Save the Children & … [Read more...]

I've been a big fan of Jennifer Garner's for awhile now, ever since my obsession with the tv show Alias. I've followed her career and Jennifer's always been one of my favorite celebrities as I always thought she appeared to "keep it real" and just seemed like an every day Mom.  Meeting her in person, I can now say my impressions were right - … [Read more...]