I recently discovered a beautiful Eco chic jewelry line by The Leakey Collection that is handmade together by local skilled Maasai artisans of Kenya. My favorite piece is from the Zulugrass line. This contemporary jewelry line is made from environmentally sustainable materials. The gorgeous strands of colorful grass beads are dyed in a wide range … [Read more...]

Maybe I should be glad I have only boys? Here's my niece vlogging about her five favorite Juicy Couture charms for her Juicy Couture charm bracelet. Her favorite product for a present? The Silver Starter Charm Bracelet. I found it for sale at various websites including Piperlime ($42) or in Gold for $35 at Neiman Marcus, and of course on the … [Read more...]

The latest addition to my jewelry collection that I love wearing is truly unique. It is made by a company called LilyMe that specializes in French style satin jewelry that is delicate and stunning. I simply adore the sample Rose shaped charm necklace I was given, and wear it all of the time. It’s very simple and elegant so that I can wear it … [Read more...]

When I was offered the opportunity for Heart & Stone Jewelry to create a piece of jewelry just for me, I was so touched and ecstatic. I was so excited because their handmade pieces are truly works of art. When I took a look at their Gallery, I was literally in awe over their jewelry. They create such unique, beautiful pieces that are … [Read more...]

I have a small collection of jewelry. Beloved, but small. I am picky. My pieces tend to be very high quality, highly sentimental and very personal. I choose very very carefully, as the type of jewelry I love, is the type I will still want to wear in ten years. This is totally the case with Dillon Rogers jewelry. The pieces are classic, clean and … [Read more...]

I'm obsessed with my Whimsy ring. Just fascinated. I cannot stop wearing it, playing with it, looking at it, admiring it. I've not had the chance to review a lot of jewelry during my time with Mommies With Style. Partially because I'm not a big jewelry wearer. I'm fickle with baubles. I tend to like something one day and hate it the next. Which is … [Read more...]

Express yourself and share your love of your children with these trendy bar necklaces from Hip Fusion Designs. Her stuff's really unique and you can customize it for you, Grandma or even Dads. Seriously - there a lot of options on this site including a beaded necklace, silver or gold and more. But my words don't do her pieces justice, take a look … [Read more...]

Still looking for a gift for a friend, sister, mom or something to request for yourself? Here are my top ten quick pick items. Ahem. Hint! Hint! Tali Gillette Mama Necklace. I know someday my darling husband will buy me one of these. Because I ask at least three times a year! These make a perfect push present too! Canon 50mm lens. For those who … [Read more...]