It really seems gets more and more fun with each Just Dance release from Ubisoft.  The latest is Just Dance 4 ($25 on Amazon with free shipping), and it's out just in time for the holidays with a huge selection of hits and songs you'll recognize and have a blast getting your groove on to with. The fun thing about the Just Dance games is that … [Read more...]

The mere mention of the band ABBA makes me smile as it holds so many fond college memories.  I imagine it's the same for many of you out there.  I danced during many late nights to "Dancing Queen" and "Take A Chance on Me" with my sorority sisters and friends and we were always those "Woo" girls when an ABBA song came on. I also went the … [Read more...]

My kids received a lot of games under the tree. And you know my love of games. Some highlights (with quotes from the kiddos): Shaun White Snowboarding: World Stage When Big opened this one my 27 year old sister let out a sigh, "I really wanted that one!" Well, too bad, so sad, Big loves this game and he's not giving it up. This game isn't just … [Read more...]