This summer, whether you and the family are taking a road trip, have a long airplane ride or are simply spending some time at the beach, personalized books from Wonderbly will help bring the adventure. Each story allows kids to journey far beyond your destination, with captivating stories that transform them into little explorers. They can meet … [Read more...]

As my 1st grader gets more confident in his reading, we're looking to turn the corner from the Level books with pictures into beginning Chapter books.  But it's a big corner and what are the best beginner/early chapter books? Things to look for as your child gets better with their reading and ventures into chapter books: Larger fonts.  I … [Read more...]

My daughter just started to read books and is so excited that she can do it by herself! We recently received a new book called “What Mess?” and she couldn’t wait to read it to me. “What Mess?” is a cute and silly children’s book that tells the story from a little girl’s perspective. Her mommy tells her to clean her room, however … [Read more...]