My mom and I came across these great matching leggings from Pineapple Clothing. I'm normally not a matching clothes type of girl, but these are really cool. They are super comfortable! The material is like a leotard, so I can really move in it. They also have a lot of other matching clothes like dresses, tops and pants, which would be great for … [Read more...]

Have you guys been shopping at Crazy 8 before? A couple of years ago, a friendhad given my boys a couple of outfits from there that were really cute so I don't know why I didn't start shopping there but I never did! Then recently, they contacted me about trying a few of their clothes outand I was game as I was interested to check them out … [Read more...]

When it comes to kids clothes I am all about the sale. Especially when it comes to every day items, but sometimes, just like adult clothes, it is nice to have a few classic, well made pieces that can grow with your child, and last. What better material is there for that than cashmere? I know I loved to be wrapped in it, so why wouldn't your child? … [Read more...]

It's cold, it's snowy and I love being bundled up in a warm cozy sweater. And while I would love nothing more than to sit by the fire under a blanket all day and read a good book... that is not what is in store for me on this blustery day. I have preschool drop-off and pick-up, errands to run, playdates to attend, karate class to transport my son … [Read more...]

Don't you just love fall?  The weather gets a bit cooler and the nights a bit cozier.  It also means back-to-school and the invariable clothes shopping.  And while you're going to do most of your kids' shopping in stores (wrong size, wrong color, wrong everything Mom!), there are some things that can't be found at department stores - and that … [Read more...]

As the mom of two young girls, I can attest to the fact that unique, non-mass produced baby clothes are few and far between.  I mean, if you're into having your kids look just like everyone else's kids, you're in luck.  But if you want to dress your children in a manner a bit more original yet still fun, you're hard pressed to find what you … [Read more...]

As much as I love to support small designers, I can't always afford to purchase more than a few piece here and there so, like most parents, the majority of my child's wardrobe comes from Old Navy, H&M, Target and online sample sales. I was recently invited to a kids' fall fashion preview at Old Navy and treated to a $200 gift card to acquaint … [Read more...]

The first person who told me about this groovy line of Swedish kidswear described it as, "Pippi Longstocking meets the Partridge Family." Immediately, I knew I was in for a treat. It's easy to see, from a quick look around the Polarn O Pyret site, what my friend was talking about. The designs on this site definitely have a fun retro feeling. And … [Read more...]

I can tell you about toys and my kids' reactions time and again. But the best toy tester is the child himself. So why not announce it to the world? If your child is going to be testing toys (and they all do--quickly deciding if the toy "passes" the test) then you'll agree this romper is just the cutest. All of the "I'm a Toy Tester" playwear … [Read more...]

My 4-year old son is really into superheros right now. So when I got the opportunity to try out a Little Caper -- an adorable super hero shirt with a detachable cape -- I knew my son would be thrilled! These 100% organic cotton t-shirts are awesome. (Why didn't I think of this?!) They are comfortable for my son to wear, easy to put on, and easy … [Read more...]