I can tell you about toys and my kids' reactions time and again. But the best toy tester is the child himself. So why not announce it to the world? If your child is going to be testing toys (and they all do--quickly deciding if the toy "passes" the test) then you'll agree this romper¬†is just the cutest. All of the "I'm a Toy Tester" playwear … [Read more...]

I'm often getting emails about super soft ¬†baby clothes. They don't always pan out as promised. But Baby Eggi is the real deal. These tees are the super softest, plushest ones I have touched in ages. The designs are really cool too. Not obnoxious phrases or overly kitsched out art. It's real graphics, hip, laid back motifs by graphic artist … [Read more...]

I like to consider myself a hip mom. And I try to find hip, fun, and cute shirts for my boys. Urban Bratz is a cool new line of t-shirts that is exactly my (and my boys) style...fun mottos, interesting graphics, and nice, quality tees. My favorite tee's include "Future Trophy Wife" for your little princess, "I only date models" for your little … [Read more...]

My kids are not big hat wearers which can be a problem in sunny So-Cal. There are times that they just need the protection from the sun. I'd all but given up on getting them to wear hats, up until we discovered Cade Christian kids trucker hats a couple of weeks ago at Baby Celebration LA. Why were they so drawn to Cade Christian hats? I'd like … [Read more...]