My kids and hubby had seen it but I just had a chance to watch Big Hero 6 for the first time over the weekend last weekend. It's such a cute movie! Definitely up there as one of my more favorite Disney movies and I'm happy we're able to add the DVD to our collection as I'm sure we'll be watching this one again. Big Hero 6 released today - you … [Read more...]

My boys love Gravity Falls on Disney and were psyched to see that there's a new DVD release that features 6 episodes!  Gravity Falls - Six Strange Tales is $14.99 on Amazon and released on October 15th. It's not just a Halloween DVD though - if you haven't seen Gravity Falls, it's about two kids who move to a strange town that has a bunch of … [Read more...]

Did you guys catch Teen Beach Movie ($17.96 on Amazon) when it was on the Disney Channel last week?  My kids are big Ross Lynch and Austin & Ally fans so they were bummed that we were out of town when it was on and miffed that I forgot to DVR it! It's played a few times but we keep missing it so they were thrilled to get the DVD in the … [Read more...]

My boys LOVE Tom & Jerry.  It makes me laugh to watch them watching it too because I actually remember some of the specific cartoons from when I was a kid.  You have to love how the classic cat and mouse chase never gets old no matter what the year is. Still, it's kind of nice when I see that there is an occasional release for a new Tom … [Read more...]

While it's a little girly for my two boys, girls everywhere will be thrilled with one of Disney's latest DVD releases:  Minnie's Bow-Tique. This one's brand new, having released February 9th.  The movie opens to the grand opening of Minnie's new store - the Bow-Tique.  The characters catch some runaway butterfly bows, and help Pete pick out … [Read more...]

While I don't know that there is such a thing as too-much-Disney, I will say that it was refreshing to watch some un-Disney characters on the flight home from Disney World last week.  My boys watched the new Penguins of Madagascar Operation: DVD as we flew home from a fun-filled week in Disney World, and I have to say I was laughing right along … [Read more...]

Just in time for Valentine's Day, Winnie the Pooh: A Valentine for You released earlier this month.  If you're looking for a Valentine's-themed movie for your kids, this is a cute one to check out.  Get it on Amazon for $26.99 with free shipping. … [Read more...]

Okay so one of the movie releases I'm the most excited for is the Smurfs - Smurfy Tales.  Love that the Smurfs seem to be making a come back!  I even saw a bunch of Smurf toys on the shelf today during a trip to Walmart.  Get the DVD on Amazon for $10.99 and channel your inner kid by watching these old episodes with your kids.  Releases August … [Read more...]