Two days 'til we're headed to Disneyland! My family is beyond excited and as a part of the trip, Cole and I headed out to our local Kohl's to check out this new line of Disney apparel from the Jumping Beans Collection that's available there.  Cole loves any chance he can get to go to Kohl's... even though it's spelled differently, it sounds the … [Read more...]

26 new Kohl's opened nationwide last week and they are having big sales at every Kohl's in honor of these grand openings! Check out my fashion haul! … [Read more...]

I'm a fairly new convert to Kohl's. I've actually lived near a Kohl's for over 11 years now but it's only recently that I started shopping there and I'm kicking myself a bit for not going sooner. Because man, the prices are just great! You simply can not beat the constant sales plus coupons that you can use when you're shopping at your local … [Read more...]

Yesterday I took a trip over to my local Armed with a $100 gift card, I went to town! As I say in my video, it always amazes me how many great sales they have going at any given time when you walk in. Check out my video to see everything I scored for just around $100. But in the meantime, this campaign is to generate buzz about a … [Read more...]

Last fall, I lost my favorite jean jacket that I had gotten the year before at Kohl's.  It was on sale when I had lost it, but by the time I went to order it, it was no longer on sale. I was checking today and found it listed on sale again!  It's 40 degrees today in Philly and while the weather's not going to last, my head's ready for … [Read more...]