Before this year, the last pair of Lee Jeans I owned was probably in the late 1980s. Like many brands, Lee Jeans brings back a lot of memories for some of us (many of them involving bad hair, am I right?). I had Lee Jeans tucked away in my memory as an 80s fashion brand but this year I learned, that's definitely not the case! Lee Jeans is still … [Read more...]

Last fall, I had hosted a small gathering of friends in my house with Lee Jeans.  Lee Jeans flew out to Philly to fit us in some of their jeans.  I'll be honest - prior to that party, the name "Lee Jeans" immediately took me back to my middle school fashion experiences in the 80s.  I would not have considered Lee Jeans in 2012 for jeans to wear … [Read more...]

A couple of years ago at a conference, I stopped at the Lee Jeans booth. I'm gonna tell you guys right now - my impression of Lee Jeans before that moment (not that I gave it much thought) was that they reminded me of the 80s and the stonewashed jeans I wore in middle school. That, and the impression (although I'm not sure where I got this from) … [Read more...]