As I mentioned a few days ago, I love Father's Day gifts that I'll appreciate too (what - is that wrong?) and it's a win-win with the Logitech Harmony One Advanced Universal Remote. He gets: a fun new gadget to program, play with (hello touchscreen!) and impress his friends with and one less thing to lose You get: a coffee table free of Mt. … [Read more...]

I gotta agree with Madonna - "Music makes the people come together." Whether it's dancing around the living room with my kids, setting the mood for a party with holiday songs or making the cleaning go faster with some tunes, I love to have music on in the house. And one of my favorite companies that helps me get my home full of song is Logitech. … [Read more...]

For digital-music loving dads, consider picking up a Squeezebox Duet by Logitech this Father’s Day.  The Squeezebox Duet turns your home-entertainment or stereo system into a digital music player that can access your MP3 collection, internet radio stations and subscription music services like Pandora, Slacker and Rhapsody – even while your … [Read more...]