Anyone who has been pregnant knows that all the fluctuating hormones can wreak havoc on your skin. It's true! Between break outs, dry skin, oily skin, and even changes in skin color women are left feeling like they are going through puberty again. It's just not fair...but it is what it is. That is where Mama Mio skin care products can help. Mama … [Read more...]

One of the many beauty products I picked up at the BlogHer this year was Mama Mio's O Mega Body Buff Exfoliator.  Mama Mio was a sponsor of an offsite event called the Style Suite. I've tried out some of Mama Mio's products before but each of them were geared towards the expecting & new Mom.  As I love a good exfoliating product, the Body … [Read more...]

I have been loving Mama Mio products since Middle was born. Its amazing the difference a good, healthy body product will do. I know many of our readers have jumped on the chance to try out their product line and now we have another opportunity. This time, just in time for Mother's Day, we're drawing 3 winners and each will win a bottle of O-Mega … [Read more...]

Congrats to Tracy from Massachusettes and Heidi from Georgia! Both will be receiving Boob Tubes from Mama Mio. Boob Tubes are great for softening the skin on and around your breasts, chest and even arms. After a few weeks, even days, of consistent use, you'll notice your skin doesn't just feel smoother, it looks smoother. I've shared a lot about … [Read more...]

After the baby was born, my skin kinda went crazy. I had painfully itchy patches that I scratched so much they were becoming raw. Yeah. I know. Gross. I was desperate. I swear I spent more money on OTC creams, lotions and potions. I talked to pharacists, doctors, moms. Nothing was working. And I didn't want to try anything perscription because … [Read more...]

If you've spent some time on MWS, then you already know we're big fans of Mama Mio. And while its a struggle to determine my absolute favorite of their creams, lotions and gels, the Boob Tube is among them.  Especially now that I'm breastfeeding, but also when pregnant, I slather on the 'Tube often to smooth and soften. (Okay, that was so not … [Read more...]

Last week we told you about Mama Mio's new Bootcamp for Tummies, which I'm pledging to do each day for 30 days, post baby, and we offered to give away a Bootcamp for Tummies to one lucky winner. Neha from California told us she is "...a trendy/retro mom. I give birth in 4 weeks to my second son…I will need help getting my body back in shape. … [Read more...]

I've been raving about Mama Mio for a while, and its time, once again, to share some of it with you. So I have to tell you about their newest Bootcamp: Bootcamp for Tummies. Bootcamp for Tummies is a great system and can be used pregnant or not, but the results won't be visible if you are pregnant. So, while I've been trying out the system, I … [Read more...]

No, really. I'm totally serious. You may recall that I reviewed Mama Mio in the past. Last fall, I even tested 2 of their bootcamp programs and blogged about it. As you read, I was impressed. But, honestly, I didn't get the value of it. Until now. See, at 28 weeks pregnant, I can't get over the fact that I wasn't addicted to lush skin care with … [Read more...]