Pregnant?  I thought this was such a cute app worthy of a mention: BellySnaps.  You can take a maternity photo and then use the app to decorate it with cute borders and tag it with how many months pregnant you are! They have cute borders for photo birth announcements too!  Get Belly Snaps on iTunes for $.99   … [Read more...]

I just entered my third trimester and my skin is even drier than usual. I'm loving Curél® Life's Stages® nurturing comfort® Moisture Cream (price range $7.79 - $15), which was developed with OB/GYNs to hydrate dry skin during pregnancy. The cream is fast-absorbing cream (meaning you're not sitting there with gooky stuff). Plus it also feels … [Read more...]

I'll be 7 months pregnant at the end of May, when one of my close friends is getting married. I was stressing about what to wear over my growing bump -- until I saw Annee Matthew's gorgeous maternity/nursing dresses. I fell in love with their Carmen Faux Wrap Dress in black ($99). Pictured above in the Graphic print, this lightweight sleeveless … [Read more...]

At 17 weeks pregnant, it's finally time for me to start thinking about maternity clothes. Vivique Maternity Apparel, which launched last month, has some gorgeous pieces that I'm salivating over. The clothes are designed to work before, during and after pregnancy. Which makes me happy, because I spent so much money during my first two pregnancies on … [Read more...]

I started this post on Saturday the 31st, got about halfway through and needed to leave to go to dinner at my in-laws.  I figured I'd finish the post on Sunday.  Luckily, the bag had already been packed.  By 12:30am I was on my way to the hospital.  The little one was on her way...3 weeks early!  So I can honestly tell you that the items I've … [Read more...]

The following is a paid Advertorial from Love my Belly Maternity: Pregnant?  Look no further than the fabulous Love My Belly Maternity where you'll find stylish items like this Sandy Dunes long sleeve v-neck, this Burnout Hooded Tee and this double sleeve tee-hoodie. Please visit and take advantage of this SALE and look … [Read more...]

That's right.  Just because you're pregnant doesn't mean you can't have a fun, bubbly drink over the holidays.  Pre-pregnancy, my husband and I spent many an evening with a good dinner and a great bottle of wine.  For the past six months we've certainly continued to eat well, but the only one enjoying our collection of great wines is my … [Read more...]

Since the week before I even knew I was pregnant, I've been hungry.  I'll never forget begging my mom to take me to a diner the day before I took my pregnancy test.  After inhaling my meal and part of hers, she was convinced that I was "with child".  She was right...and I haven't stopped eating since. For someone who has always had a small … [Read more...]

Dad's-to-be shouldn't have to endure the "pains" of wearing uncomfortable street clothes while comforting a wife in labor.  That was Robert Nickell's philosophy behind the creation of DaddyScrubs.  Anyone who has ever owned a pair of scrubs can attest to their comfort.  And when I received a pair from DaddyScrubs, my husband immediately … [Read more...]

Three words that every mom-to-be loves using when describing her clothes - comfy, casual and cute.  ExpecTees, a maternity t-shirt company, provides just that. Every morning is a struggle for me.  I stand in my closet and stare at the clothes I won't be able to wear for at least another five months.  When you're pregnant and expanding, your … [Read more...]