Being 18 weeks pregnant with my first baby, I regularly hear about how much water I should be drinking to stay hydrated.  I fully understand why I need to drink so much, but honestly there are days where I feel like I just can't stomach one more glass.  Be Nice prenatal drink mix is a great alternative to the H2O-woes of many pregnant women.  … [Read more...]

The following is a paid Advertorial from Love my Belly Maternity: DON’T MISS THE LOVE MY BELLY SUMMER SALE!!!!!! The miracle of life is starting to grow, and it goes without saying that you’ve never been so happy! Don’t wait until it’s too late to start shopping for that growing belly.Love My Belly has styles for the Sexy, … [Read more...]

I'm comfortable. Even at nearly 26 weeks, comfortable. Comfortable, that is, when I'm wearing comfortable clothing. And I've really been searching for more comfortable clothing this pregnancy, especially comfortable clothing that looks good. Because, though I may be a mom of 2.7 children, I represent *me*, in addition to my kids, and I try to look … [Read more...]

I am not happy with my maternity t-shirt selection. I mean, there are very few shops around here that actually have maternity any longer. And I find that I have very little cute to wear. So I was so excited to get to test out a maternity tee from 2 chix. They have cute and sweet little sayings, mine says "love brings out the child in you." Which, … [Read more...]