Over the years, I've checked out a couple of different meal planning & delivery services like Blue Apron and Hello Fresh. I am not a good cook and I pretty much hate meal planning so I've always thought having one of these services would be good for us. None of them have stuck and after seeing Hungryroot ads pop up on my Facebook over the … [Read more...]

So earlier in January, I told the folks on Facebook that I would be trying out some of the meal prep delivery services. I started with Hello Fresh and while the service was far from perfect, we enjoyed the process and the food that week. My second test was with Blue Apron, which seems to be the more popular of these services around. I see lots … [Read more...]

I think we can all agree that meal-planning is the way to go when you have a family.  Not that I do it each week, but when I do, I definitely find I cut back on the grocery bill - and we eat better and I'm reminded, I gotta do this again next week!  I use eMeals for my meal planning and I've been using them since January of this year again on … [Read more...]