I've become a bit of a Think Geek junkie.  I love their outside of the box toys and items - definitely appealing to the geek at heart and definitely not your mainstream items. I got a number of things from them for my boys for Christmas and I'm now eyeing up this Minecraft Light Up Torch ($34.99) on ThinkGeek.com. What do you guys think? … [Read more...]

Are your kids as into the online game Minecraft as much as mine is? If so, check this out - they now have Minecraft toys! We ordered the Minecraft Lego set (there's only one) from Amazon a few weeks ago for $34.99. (Do not pay more! The price seems to go up and down and that's the retail price from Lego so wait if it's not showing that … [Read more...]

I've been hearing about Minecraft for awhile now from a few friends. Those kids I know who play it have kids playing it on iPads and Kindles but this weekend a friend of Nate's told us that we just HAD TO get it on the computer; the PC-version is MUCH BETTER, he said. At $24.95, the download isn't cheap when you're used to spending $.99 at most … [Read more...]