It took all of 5 minutes from the time I received the email from my Stella & Dot rep & friend Jen for me to get shopping and drooling over some of the new fall items from Stella & Dot.  I still had some credits to use up from a party I had in the early spring and it certainly didn't take me long to find something to spend them on. I … [Read more...]

Mom confession: I'm terrible with my kid's artwork. I rarely save it. I always pat myself on the back and thank myself for my future daughter in law that I'm not saving every little trinket and bit that comes home with my kids because year after year, it can add up! I try and save just one or two really special pieces each year from my boys and … [Read more...]

I am positively IN LOVE with my new necklace from Isabelle Grace Jewelry. Check out this gorgeousness: Amazing, right? I have an N and a C, one for each boy. I also have a small stone charm for each - matching their birthstones. And the back of each charm? (not pictured) It has each of their birthdates. I'm telling all you men out there … [Read more...]

One of my favorite present suggestions for Mother's Day is a handcrafted and unique piece of jewelry a Mom can wear that shows off something about her kids. Fitting the bill, I received a gorgeous sample piece from Holly Marie Jewelry similar to the one pictured.  The front of each tag has one of my son's name, with the back displaying their … [Read more...]

I have a small collection of jewelry. Beloved, but small. I am picky. My pieces tend to be very high quality, highly sentimental and very personal. I choose very very carefully, as the type of jewelry I love, is the type I will still want to wear in ten years. This is totally the case with Dillon Rogers jewelry. The pieces are classic, clean and … [Read more...]