Such a simple design yet so totally perfect: the Light My Way Portable Nightlight is a huge hit in our house for my 6 year old. The handle is the best part - it's easy for little hands to grasp & he can carry it around with him at night. I think it's actually designed for a younger crowd too so I would imagine this is also fun for toddlers! … [Read more...]

Sometimes I laugh when I start to say these words but I have to say it: where was this product when my kids were little? It seems like the baby product industry has come so far since my babies were indeed babies and these Quick Install Gates from Munchkin are the kind of example I'm talking about. Watch this video below to see how strong and … [Read more...]

Man, sometimes I see the latest on the baby and toddler market and all I can think is, where were these awesome products when my oldest was young? ┬áBecause we certainly didn't have the option for anything nearly as cool as Munchkin's latest - the new Click Lock cups. Because kids spill, and because I'm sure you'd prefer to keep the juice in … [Read more...]

Munchkin has some great new bath products to entertain your own little munchkin in the bath - check 'em out: Gone Fishin' Bath Toy - it comes with a fishing pole to cast and "fish" for the three aquatic toys (a crab, fish and star). The animals can be filled with water to squirt for endless fun (or in our case, a brother on brother water … [Read more...]