Pretty sure that my family knew that my "HOLY SH*T" scream from the bathroom yesterday morning couldn't mean anything good as I stepped on the scale. I shouldn't have been surprised at what I saw though. The same way you lose weight - slowly and by a healthy calorie deficit- I gained weight slowly but eating (& drinking) more. If I'm … [Read more...]

OMG people.  O.M.G. That seems to be the only appropriate thing to say over this one. For the last several years, I've been working hard to work out regularly and eat right.  I've been doing well for almost three years now thanks to 5+ days a week of exercising and daily logins with  But this past Thanksgiving weekend … [Read more...]

This one's apropos to New Years Day as today's the day so many people in the world will be starting in on their New Years Resolutions.  Because of course one of the most common New Years Resolutions?  Losing weight and/or getting healthy.  I have blogged many times about My Fitness Pal, mostly as a website and the success I've found using it. … [Read more...]