Saw this knobbed necklace holder on Pinterest and noticed the seller has a whole shop of doing these - you can design your own or pick one she has for sale. Love it, right?  I'm thinking of getting one - just have to figure out a wall to put this on.  All of my necklaces always get tangled up in my jewelry box so this would definitely help … [Read more...]

The latest addition to my jewelry collection that I love wearing is truly unique. It is made by a company called LilyMe that specializes in French style satin jewelry that is delicate and stunning. I simply adore the sample Rose shaped charm necklace I was given, and wear it all of the time. It’s very simple and elegant so that I can wear it … [Read more...]

When I was offered the opportunity for Heart & Stone Jewelry to create a piece of jewelry just for me, I was so touched and ecstatic. I was so excited because their handmade pieces are truly works of art. When I took a look at their Gallery, I was literally in awe over their jewelry. They create such unique, beautiful pieces that are … [Read more...]

My daughter loves wearing jewelry! She likes looking through her jewelry box and finding the right piece to match her outfit of the day. When we’re out at a store and she spots a new piece of jewelry, she’s always telling me which outfit it will go with and why she needs it! Of course this adds up and can be quite costly, so when I came across … [Read more...]