It's Februaryand it's right around now that everyone starts slacking on their 2018 resolutions. WELL, DON'T! This year is all about YOU. If you start to slack on your goals, don't be afraid to pick it back up again. Everyone has their off days, trust me. But this year let's stay focused on a clear mind, body, and soul. I personally want to keep … [Read more...]

Taking a few days off over the holidays while I was on vacation was such a gift for me.  Lately I feel like life is just zooming by - my kids are getting older and our schedule is crazier.  Every day I just race through the motions of doing laundry, making lunches, blogging, running errands, hitting the gym, you name it.  I don't have much time … [Read more...]

Hey all.  Sorry I've been so MIA!  This holiday time is always tough for me - I really need to get better about scheduling posts.  All I want to do is hang with my family and blogging is the last thing on my mind! But as the last of the wrapping paper is being cleaned up, I'm getting my mojo back to get some great features back on the site. … [Read more...]

As I blog this one, I'm feeling bloated and cross from another dinner of turkey and mashed potatoes leftovers. While I've been working hard to keep up with exercise this week (which hasn't been easy), I have most definitely been eating and drinking more and look forward to the post holiday slow down so I can get back to my routine. For a few years … [Read more...]

I'm really not a big fan of having a specific New Years Resolution.  I used to set them - it would be the same one pretty much through my entire twenties.  Go on a diet, lose weight, exercise.  I mean, come on - sooooo original, right? And of course because I was in my twenties, I'd wake up hungover New Years morning and get discouraged when … [Read more...]