I'm always conflicted about spending money on newborn toys. Sure there are the cute, squishy blocks and the rattly shakers, but my kids usually seemed just as happy with a ladle and a plastic bowl. But there is one newborn toy that I've definitely found useful - an activity mat. Also known as a play gym, play mat or baby gym, these devices usually … [Read more...]

For nine months your baby feels safe, comfortable and secure in mother's womb - what better way to help baby relax than to mimic that environment?  TummyTub was developed in Holland in cooperation with physicians, midwives and nurses to help ease the transition from womb to the world.  The unique womb-shape allows baby to maintain a fetal … [Read more...]

My newborn is 11 days old now and exhibiting some strong preferences-- like for his NUK Orthodontic Pacifier ($5.99 for a 2 pack). I've tried a few other brands, but even at a week old -- he knows the difference between NUK and the other brands. He will actually scream if I do not give him his NUK pacifier. The dentists in my husband's family … [Read more...]

Ok, so maybe you don't really need a closet full of clothes for your newborn, but you certainly need enough to get you through diaper blowouts and spit-up attacks.  At least until you can find time for the next load of laundry.  Gianna has been most comfortable in no-fuss, simple, cotton onesies and footie pajamas, so we have plenty!  I have … [Read more...]

To me, a  a good sleep positioner is a new baby must-have. With our third child coming in 2 months, I was thrilled to test Summer Infant's Supreme Inclined Sleep Positioner with Heartbeat ($32-39). It comes in one piece and offers 3 individual adjustments for a custom fit. It keeps baby in the center of the crib/bassinet/co-sleeper and … [Read more...]

I started this post on Saturday the 31st, got about halfway through and needed to leave to go to dinner at my in-laws.  I figured I'd finish the post on Sunday.  Luckily, the bag had already been packed.  By 12:30am I was on my way to the hospital.  The little one was on her way...3 weeks early!  So I can honestly tell you that the items I've … [Read more...]

I love giving original, thoughtful gifts to a friend when they have a new baby and I have a few mainstays on my list. However, my latest find will be added to the top of my list from now on! Mitetees carries a line of awesome tees that will have your friends oohing and ahhing over them! Mitetees sent me their Production tee that I thought was so … [Read more...]

2 weeks goes too fast. It really does. I'm trying so hard to treasure every second with little A because I can't get enough of her babyhood. And its the little things that slip away. Like her sagging skin that's filling out, and her itty bitty fingernails that already aren't as itty bitty. Tiny Love Sweet Island Dreams Mobile: We replaced the … [Read more...]

Hard to believe one week ago I already had my precious little one in my arms. Of course, it wasn't hard to fall in love instantly. And once we arrived home, we really fell in love with some great baby products... old and new. Not for the baby, but I recently shared that I'd be using my Lori Greiner Weekender bag for my hospital bag. Would you … [Read more...]

So new to Playtex's line of infant products this spring is the Ortho-Pro Teether and the Ortho-Pro Snap N Clean. I have to say, I think the Snap N Clean is a great product.  My first baby was a pacifier user and it certainly would have made life a lot more convenient to have a built in sterilizer.  These silicone pacifiers are BPA-free, are … [Read more...]