What's not to love about the release of this product from Nickelodeon:  Team Umizoomi Math Kits.  Since most fans of the Nick Jr. show Team Umizoomi are preschoolers, these educational kits are aimed at their age group. The product teaches them about sorting, counting, measuring in the following: a 48-page workbook, a 24-page math adventure … [Read more...]

My kids will be getting this SpongeBob 3D PuzzleBall in a collective pile from the Easter Bunny this weekend.  Looks cool, right?  The thing I find totally funny is that my husband was totally intrigued when he saw it.  60 pieces should be more than doable with my boys and husband. Get the Spongebob 3D Sphere Puzzle at Toys R Us for $14.99. … [Read more...]

When I was introduced to Nickelodeon Fruit Squeezers by Nature's Child by a friend who is very choosy in what she gives her children, I could already tell that I was going to heartily approve. Currently available an applesauce version (in the Dora package) and berry version (in the SpongeBob) package, they're 100% fruit purees, with vitamin C … [Read more...]

Woo!  Wanted to share some exciting news - Mommies with Style was voted the Best Blog for the Philadelphia area by Nickelodeon's Parents Connect.  Thanks so much to all who showed their support by voting for us! … [Read more...]

For Local Blog in Philadelphia So I found out we were recently nominated on Nickelodeon's Parents Connect for Best Local Blog in Philadelphia. Yes, we write about products that pertain to everyone nationally - but as Julie, Jen, Debbie, Zareen and I are all local to Philadelphia, it's an honor to be nominated! I hope you guys will show your … [Read more...]