Around these parts, it's all boy.  With a 6 year old and almost-9-year old, we don't have many things that are girly or not macho.  So I get kind of excited when they like playing with what I call an "all play," a game or something that's good for boys and girls and something I can get into with them! Our latest "all play" discovery is Art … [Read more...]

Not even kidding you guys, I have the theme song to Super Mario Brothers playing in my head as I type this review.  My kids downloaded the new Super Mario Brothers 2 onto their shared Nintendo 3DS and stayed up late playing the new game which is just as exciting and fun as the original.  Tons of gold coins (over a million) are available in this … [Read more...]

Ahh, good old Tetris.  I remember being completely addicted to Tetris on the original Gameboy many years ago.  Anyone with me?  Now you can play the classic game (better graphics, of course!) with Tetris Axis on the Nintendo DS. You can still get it in time!  Get Tetris: Axis on Amazon with two-day shipping for $29.96. … [Read more...]

Released October 18 to Nintendo DS is Moxie Girlz, a fun little game by Game Mill that girl DS users of all ages will surely love.  Pick a doll, dress her up, play with her hair and more. Here is the description from Amazon: A Moxie Girl always stays true to herself and never gives up on her dreams! The Nintendo DS game focuses on the social … [Read more...]

Remember how hot Pillow Pets were last holiday season? I don't know about all of your kids, but my kids still sleep with each of theirs every night. For kids who are Pillow Pets fans, there is now Pillow Pets for the Nintendo DS [$16.00 on Amazon]. This game is rated E for everyone and looks adorable.  Players have to visit Dreamland and try … [Read more...]

I have to admit, I'm not a fan of 3D in general.  When we take the kids to the movies, I go out of my way to find the non 3D movie because it hurts my eyes. Apparently I'm the only one in the family because lately my kids have been not only asking to go to the 3D movies but they have been loving playing with our Nintendo 3DS ($169.99 with free … [Read more...]

I was sent several of Ubisoft’s Imagine series for the Nintendo DS. Can I just tell you how cool these are? If I had the Imagine series (and a DS) when I was a tween I would have been able to live my dreams virtually, to give them a try before jumping in and trying out a career. In Imagine Teacher Class Trip, tweens oversee a class on an … [Read more...]

Although I don't have a girl, even I can appreciate the coolness of this game for the Nintendo DS for a girl.  Last month I had a lunch with a rep from Ubisoft, the developers of Style Lab's Jewelry Design.  I was particularly impressed with this game and instantly envisioned my 13-year-old niece playing with it. The game itself is pretty … [Read more...]

If your kids liked the movie Up, and use a Nintendo DS, here's a game to check out.  THQ Video Games released Up for the Nintendo DS in May of this year.  Check it out - the DS version is $27.99 on Amazon.   Don't have a DS?  Never fear - there's also versions of the game for the Wii, PS2 & 3, Xbox and your PC. … [Read more...]