Yes, its true. Guilty as charged. But I've had a copy of Cooking Mama 3: Shop & Chopsitting in my gift closet for months, waiting to be played. And while Big found opportunities to play his favorites (which include Petz Dolphinz Encounter, New Super Mario Bros. Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga), Cooking Mama 3 remained contained in plastic … [Read more...]

Another product we brought along on our trip last month was a Nintendo DSi system. My daughter couldn’t have been more thrilled about receiving it. She actually might have been more excited about getting it than going on the actual trip! For those of you who are unfamiliar with a Nintendo DSi, it is a portable gaming system that kids love! The … [Read more...]

I was sent several of Ubisoft’s Imagine series for the Nintendo DS. Can I just tell you how cool these are? If I had the Imagine series (and a DS) when I was a tween I would have been able to live my dreams virtually, to give them a try before jumping in and trying out a career. In Imagine Teacher Class Trip, tweens oversee a class on an … [Read more...]

Although I don't have a girl, even I can appreciate the coolness of this game for the Nintendo DS for a girl.  Last month I had a lunch with a rep from Ubisoft, the developers of Style Lab's Jewelry Design.  I was particularly impressed with this game and instantly envisioned my 13-year-old niece playing with it. The game itself is pretty … [Read more...]