So I decided to lump everything together into one post today. It's not smart for SEO or a blog business perspective but I've decided, the heck with it! I've been thinking a lot of about my blog lately and I want to get back to embracing a little more of what I want to do on my blog and to stop worrying about what I should be doing. This all … [Read more...]

Man this time of year is DANGEROUS for my wallet. I'm sure Jon thinks this JUST happened but nope, it's been half a year since the last Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale! Time to stock up again! There are some great items on sale and as I started a wish list of all the items I want to buy, I thought I would share some of them with you! What's your … [Read more...]

Gotta love fall weather. I am happy as a clamthese days where it's 75 most of the day but crisper in the morning. Monday I woke up and had the best run - I went out hoping to run 4 miles. I've been fighting a cold for weeks now that has definitely mucked with my workout mojo. I went out and felt so great, I ended up running 5! I came home and … [Read more...]

Will power. I have none of it when it comes to Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale. I really did try hard to stay away this time around but well... here we are. Here are a few of my favorite savings this week. What about you? Have you shopped the sale or found any great deals at Nordstrom's Sale? Eliza J Crepe A-Line Dress, Normal Price $148 - … [Read more...]

I just totally splurged and bought this leather jacket.  I had tried it on during the anniversary sale in July but couldn't come to grips with spending the full price at $298 which is what it was going for in July Hinge Ruffle Trim Leather Jacket.  It's now on sale for $119 with free shipping - WOOHOO!  Don't tell the Huz but I totally … [Read more...]

Hey all. Remember earlier this month when I took a couple of friends and we went for pedicures thanks to a campaign I'm doing with Skinny Cow? Well Friday was my birthday, which turned out to be fab timing because I was off to Nordstrom for an appointment with a personal shopper to help me try on some great styles and pieces so I could look stylish … [Read more...]

Yesterday I met up with my dear friend Jen for lunch and a visit with her new baby.  Wandering through Nordstrom, we decided to check out the dresses.  I was trying hard not to buy anything - I'm already packed and all set for BlogHer.  But Jen has a baby naming ceremony coming up for her daughter so we thought we'd see what we found. We … [Read more...]

I'm so ready for spring, I'm pretty much bouncing off the walls around here.  The last few days, it's been in the 50s her in Philly and I've been dressing for spring even though the weather's not really ready yet. Boden's having a sale right now - 15% off plus free shipping, just click on the "15% off" to put the code in your cart.  I love … [Read more...]