I haven't done one of these in a while, probably because time keeps slipping by so fast and I'm getting way too sentimental. But now that Little's getting bigger, I'm noticing things she likes, and things I like. For example, she definitely has a few favorite toys. She loves the Teeth teethers from Nuk. I know. I'm thinking teethers are just … [Read more...]

I've been a fan of NUK since my first child was a baby, 4 years ago. He loved their orthodontic pacifiers -- and would only use them. They've been updated for 2010 and are now called GeniusTM pacifier (around $4.50 -$4.99 ). Designed by orthodontists, they're BPA-free and go up to size 3 (which is for 18 months plus). It allows additional space for … [Read more...]