When it comes to nursing comfort is key in my book. As a matter of fact, since I have pretty much been home bound, I basically wear anything comfortable that makes nursing as easy as possible. That means nothing at all fashionable. Thus far I have stuck to zippered sweat shirts, and nursing tanks. Things like that have been my day time wardrobe, … [Read more...]

A few weeks ago, Jen from Nursing Mother Supplies asked to send me a new nursing bra to sample. The minute I read that its a Bravado bra, I was in. I've been so pleased with all the Bravado bras I have, for their lasting quality, the convenience of their breastfeeding closures and the comfort of the bra. The Bliss offers everything I love about … [Read more...]

I heard and read lots about how painful nursing could be, but until I experienced it myself I had NO idea.  The first few days were a breeze and I really thought that I was the exception.  I was sorely mistaken (no pun intended).  It took a full 8 weeks to stop wincing each time Gianna latched on.  With a lot of reassurance from friends and my … [Read more...]

This winter, Bravado, who's bras usually tend toward the pricier of the nursing group, began stocking racks at Target, making their brand available to the mainstream. Labeled Basics by Bravado!, its a smaller, less frills line than the fancy Bravado brand bras. Available in only a few "natural" colors and 3 styles: the Emma (Sleep bra), Stella … [Read more...]

Nursingwear is hard enough to find, let alone find some that isn't frumpy. Expressiva is an entire site dedicated to nursingwear, and a great place to shop prior to having your baby. You'll find an excellent selection of bras, catorgized by use. I was sent a sample of their Smocked Tunic Top (in brown) which looks good and works so well for … [Read more...]

When we first heard of the latchOn by The Button Barn, Whitney and I were skeptical. We weren't sure why one would need a ribbon with clips when you could just use one of the many other breastfeeding tools--one that actually has a ribbon attached to a blanket or sheet for privacy when you're breastfeeding. About 20 minutes later, baby A needed … [Read more...]

If you've been reading my recent reviews, you know I'm not a fan of pumping. And I'm looking for anything I can do to make pumping easier and, when possible, a little more enjoyable. I received a sample of a Pumpin' Pal and, with hope of relaxation, strapped it on to try it out. It took a little adjusting and getting used to, but once set, I … [Read more...]

Breastfeeders and future breastfeeders take note: organization helps. A lot. When Deena Wachtel had her baby she thought she was ready. But when it came time to breastfeed she was shocked at all the information a new mom needs to keep: How long? Which breast? How long between feedings? And while she could jot it down in a … [Read more...]

Packages from Eva Lillian are always a surprise. Not so much because I don't know they're coming, but because their products are much more unique than their competitors. So many nursing tops have the second layer or a pocket to feed. Eva Lillian nursing tops find different ways to breastfeed, which makes them not only unique, but often wearable … [Read more...]