This past weekend, I took the fam up into Manhattan for a quick 2-day trip. One of the highlights was our visit to the American Museum of Natural History. I've been dying to take my boys there forever, at ages 8 & 5 they are at a great age to enjoy everything the Museum has to offer. Specifically, we were going because I was pitched the new … [Read more...]

This week's Fashion Friday is going to be a little different than I usually do.  I want to tell you about an event I attended and how it got me really thinking about clothes and the impact they have in my life.  I know - I sound like a wannabe/trite fashionista but let me explain. Last week, I headed up to New York City with Julie for a Bounce … [Read more...]

The Big Apple Circus is coming to NYC! While you can't run away to join it,  you can enter our Big Apple Circus Giveaway! This year's show is called "Bello is Back". We are giving away one Family 4 Pack of tickets with Mezzanine seats (No seat is more than 50 feet away from the main stage). The Big Apple Circus will be held Oct. 22- Jan 18, … [Read more...]