When a brand emails you to ask if they can sponsor you to  go to Manhattan to attend a New York Fashion Show and you're a fashion & trend Mom blogger do you: 1) Scream 2) Play it cool 3) Freak out and think, "what will I wear?" and have a huge panic as you tear your closet apart {Related post: What to Wear to NYFW} 4) All of the … [Read more...]

Just YESTERDAY (OMG!) I found out that I was headed to a show with New York Fashion Week with Vaseline Spray & Go.  I'm am thrilled!  It's a great sponsorship opportunity for me but sometimes one of these events happen and I'm all, "whoa this is cool."  And, "WHAT THE HECK AM I GOING TO WEAR?!?!" I went to New York Fashion Week two years … [Read more...]