My closet is a nightmare.  It's shameful, really - hubby and I have a nice sized walk-in closet but it's a big organizational mess! So when QVC contacted me about testing out some pieces from Jill Martin's Closet Makeover Product line, I thought, why not? When I have more time, I'll bring you a longer post with some of the pieces I used to help … [Read more...]

In a post a few days ago, I revealed my latest organization secret to managing the clutter of motherhood - Evernote. From important emails to holiday gift ideas, work notes to beauty products to try, Evernote lets me keep all of my random bits information for work, life, house, friends and motherhood in one easily searchable place. But it gets even … [Read more...]

I consider myself fairly organized. I juggle three kids, a freelance writing career, activities, exercise, a house and a social life. I cook most meals, clean my own house and make it out of the house in the morning with matching shoes (well, usually flip-flops). But this is what my work area looks like most days. Part of the problem (aka my … [Read more...]

Having a baby and kids means a lot of scheduling and record keeping. Losing sight of those schedules can be cause for a rausous of a child, and, often, a stressed and frustrated spouse. Over a baby's uncalmable screams, there's nothing more frustraing than screaming "when was she last fed?" and receive the response: "I don't know... maybe about an … [Read more...]

As my son gets ready to start preschool in a few weeks, I realized it was time to deal with the pile of artwork and mementos he had made during his previous year that had been collecting in a massive pile on top of our fridge.  I had memories of a drab, brown accordian folder that my mom had used when I was young for storing such memories.  I … [Read more...]