As a part of a campaign with Procter & Gamble, I was challenged to test out some Vidal Sassoon products the week after the Oscars.  I was to pick some fun hair styles I liked on various celebs and use some Vidal Sassoon products to try and recreate the look.  So fun, right? Here are two hair styles I thought were fun and would be different … [Read more...]

Did you guys watch the Oscars last night?  It's always fun to watch the celebrities for a night - from being entertained with lavish gowns to laughing at Billy Crystal who always delivers - the Oscars will be the talk online for days to come. So what dress or look was your favorite?  Here were some of mine: Penelope Cruz just looks … [Read more...]

No doubt about it, there were some beautiful dresses at the Oscars on Sunday night.  But since the majority of us aren't out shooting movies we make well over six figures on, we can't afford the designer dresses to go along with the whole LA style scene. Here are some more affordable options and alternatives to give you the same look as some of … [Read more...]