One of the bests gifts that Santa brought to my boys this past Christmas was the Razor 360 Flash Rider (currently $104.99 on Amazon). A friend had recommended it as a great gift that her kids loved. Normally I don't think I would have looked at it, it kind of looks like a tricycle! My boys being 9 &6, I would have thought the 9 year old was … [Read more...]

With three boys in the house, my family spends lots of time in the great outdoors. From hiking and camping to surfing and snowboarding, I love how being outdoors keeps my boys active, exploring, learning and pushing themselves. These activities, however, are always easier when we have the right gear. Here are some of my favorite holiday picks for … [Read more...]

Can we all give a little collective woohoo that we've finally had a couple of weeks of consistent warm weather? And that it's time for the summer, kids playing outside and no more days of having to grab a jacket before leaving the house? So I'm loving that it's nice out now. And I actually did a search here on Mommies with Style for "outdoor … [Read more...]

Spring is in the air and my kids are finally able to get outside again.  I'm doing my little happy dance a lot more these days, that's for sure. The other day they pulled out one of their favorite all time outdoor toys.  We're going on our third season using this toy and it's such a hit, I had to share.  It's the Marky Sparky Blast Pad Advanced … [Read more...]