If there's one company I know I can count on for quality, its Tiny Prints. So when it comes time to order for announcements, greetings or birthdays, I instantly go there. This time, it was Little's first birthday. (I know. I couldn't believe it either!) I had no idea what theme to do, or even where to start. But I knew I wanted classy. And I … [Read more...]

I fondly remember having this amazing book read to me that was personalized with a few facts about me when I was a child. I thought the book was the neatest thing! So when I was sent a book called, “The First Adventures of Incredible You,” for my son, it brought back memories of my favorite childhood book (which I think I have laying around … [Read more...]

Before I start my real holiday shopping, I like to think ahead to any hostess gifts we'll be  needing over the holidays. And, don't tell, but I usually buy those as well as gifts for my grandparents and other family in one giant swoop. Its a big check off my list and there's not rush out the door 15 minutes before the party to grab something at a … [Read more...]

When I was offered the opportunity for Heart & Stone Jewelry to create a piece of jewelry just for me, I was so touched and ecstatic. I was so excited because their handmade pieces are truly works of art. When I took a look at their Gallery, I was literally in awe over their jewelry. They create such unique, beautiful pieces that are … [Read more...]

For a new, super creative  spin on the lunch box, check out the yubo Lunch Box System! Choose from the Standard ($21.95) or Deluxe ($29.95). The Standard comes in either pink, orange or blue, with the choice of one free set of designable faceplates -- either School Rules in either green or yellow, Sharks or Peace (the containers or ice pack are … [Read more...]