The mecca of all diaper bags when I had kids in diapers was Petunia Pickle Bottom.  I thought they had the most gorgeous diaper bags (They still do!) and I was always wanting one.  I never did get one but what I coveted was a bag from the Petunia Cake Collection.  Beautiful, right?  But once my kids were out of diaper bags, I promptly wrote off … [Read more...]

The holidays are a perfect time to bundle up and get cozy. Here are some great gift picks to keep the whole family warm this winter. Sunbeam LoftTec Heated Throw - A good throw is great to snuggle down with. Even better? A heated throw. Available in two neutral colors - a dark brown walnut and creamy seashell - the LoftTec Heated Throw offers … [Read more...]

Petunia Pickle Bottom celebrates their 10th anniversary this year with a unique, limited edition bag - Heirloom by Petunia.  What makes it so special? On top of a rich, espresso background with light blue accents blooms gold and cream flowers filled with images of past Petunia fabrics - fan favorites and those most adored by Petunia owner/designer … [Read more...]