On Saturday, my husband and I completed the Hot Chocolate 15k in Philadelphia.  (That's 9.3 miles.)  The only other big run I've done was the Broad Street Run in 2013 (10 miles). Running Broad Street is sort of thing here in Philly if you are a runner but now after running the Hot Chocolate race, I realize why I wasn't a fan. Broad Street is … [Read more...]

Flat out, I have to disclose that I'm totally biased with this post.  I live in the 'burbs of Philadelphia and have for the last 14 years so I pretty much think it's the coolest city around.  I just love it here.  I love it for a variety of reasons that aren't all related to tourism but I'll stick on topic with today's post.  But I did want to … [Read more...]

Last week, I was in Center City Philadelphia for some work-related meetings.I've lived here in Philadelphia for almost 14 years now and I'm constantly struck by the beauty of the city when I visit.  The city is so rich in American history and as a family, we take any opportunity we can to visit with them.There's of course the Liberty Bell and … [Read more...]

Jon and I took the kids to an advance screening of the new movie, Mars Needs Moms on Saturday in downtown Philadelphia. It was kind of neat as they held it in an old theater at the Franklin Institute, our local science and technology museum. There were some tear-jerky scenes in which you weren't sure what was going to happen to the Mom. Cole … [Read more...]

Its not everyday that you venture to the circus. So we kept it a surprise and didn't tell the boys we were going until we were well on the way. Oh, and they were so excited. The elephants! The acrobats! The music! The monkeys! (okay, there were no monkeys, we had to explain to C that not every circus is like his Playmobil circus set.) We were … [Read more...]