At 17 weeks pregnant, it's finally time for me to start thinking about maternity clothes. Vivique Maternity Apparel, which launched last month, has some gorgeous pieces that I'm salivating over. The clothes are designed to work before, during and after pregnancy. Which makes me happy, because I spent so much money during my first two pregnancies on … [Read more...]

Thinking about having a baby?  Know someone who is expecting?  Already pregnant?  Whether you're shopping for a gift or just for yourself.  Here is my list of the top 7 items that have kept me happy (and sane) these past 8 months of pregnancy.  Number 1: Maternity Pillows  I can't imagine these past few months (and the next one) … [Read more...]

When not at work, my standard pregnancy attire has been based on sweatpants and long-sleeved tees.  There's nothing wrong with this wardrobe.  In fact, I've probably never dressed more comfortably and my husband's starting to get used to it.  But sometimes I feel like I could have tried a little harder while choosing an outfit.  The perfect … [Read more...]

Since the week before I even knew I was pregnant, I've been hungry.  I'll never forget begging my mom to take me to a diner the day before I took my pregnancy test.  After inhaling my meal and part of hers, she was convinced that I was "with child".  She was right...and I haven't stopped eating since. For someone who has always had a small … [Read more...]

As I've already learned, a pregnant woman can go from freezing to "I'm so hot I may pass out" in about 2.3 seconds.  Finding outfits that fit while you're putting on the baby weight can be a challenge on its own, but getting dressed to accommodate heat flashes and cold streaks makes it all the more difficult.    As many a new mom has … [Read more...]