My unborn babe and I are loving bellybuds ($49) - which are wearable speakers for moms-to-be that plays music and sounds to the womb. Just use the splitter to hook it up to your MP3 player, put the bellyphones on your belly using the hydrogel rings, and choose any music you want, or even play recorded voice messages from family members. The … [Read more...]

That's right.  Just because you're pregnant doesn't mean you can't have a fun, bubbly drink over the holidays.  Pre-pregnancy, my husband and I spent many an evening with a good dinner and a great bottle of wine.  For the past six months we've certainly continued to eat well, but the only one enjoying our collection of great wines is my … [Read more...]

Being 18 weeks pregnant with my first baby, I regularly hear about how much water I should be drinking to stay hydrated.  I fully understand why I need to drink so much, but honestly there are days where I feel like I just can't stomach one more glass.  Be Nice prenatal drink mix is a great alternative to the H2O-woes of many pregnant women.  … [Read more...]