One of the warmer days this week, my boys wanted to go for a hike.  We had one on a bike, one on foot and a couple of neighbors and we did a little loop around the neighborhood.  It was SO NICE to get the fresh air but it's still really muddy and slushy out.  On top of that, I signed one of my kids up for spring soccer and I know the fields are … [Read more...]

Ah, Southern California. While much of the rest of the country is experiencing snow, rain and temps well below 50°, here in SoCal it's been in the mid-80s this last week. Still, the rain and cold will eventually show up here and so I've been busy playing dress up, planning out outfits to go with my Khombu rain boots. Khombu Footwear is THE place … [Read more...]

Each time one of my kids stomps in a puddle, I have a little moment of deja vu.  I remember all too well the joy of splashing in puddles from when I was their age.  And I sound like my Mom when I tell them, "don't jump in the puddles!" Big shocker - they don't listen, and I have to laugh and accept that this as one of those battles not worth … [Read more...]