Somehow, I think this one may fall under the fudging it a little category because it's not exactly everyday, real Mom style when you're dressed for a Sunday afternoon Polo Match. I'm certainly not walking around with a floral hat on my head most days! But I loved this photo of me with some of my girls at a fundraiser for our local hospital … [Read more...]

Two weeks ago, I started a new series called Real Mom Style.  This week, I forgot to grab a photo!  Call it end-of-year-itis and know that I'll be snapping lots this week so be prepared to be accosted if you know me in person :) But what I did do this week was a quick trip to Target.  You guys know the drill - I was going in for "gift cards" … [Read more...]

So I'm thrilled to announce a new weekly here on Mommies with Style.  Every Monday, I'm going to be a featuring a different Mom for a weekly Real Mom Style post. Like all of us, I run around a million different places all week long. From the gym to the grocery store to school, I am interacting and seeing tons of Moms. And because I'm a shopping … [Read more...]