Following with last week's Girl Scout dessert theme {Thin Mint Cupcakes}, I have another delicious recipe for you that you can make with my FAVORITE Girl Scout Cookie - the Samoa! (Or Caramel Delites, as they call them here in PA. But I grew up calling them Samoas so they will always be Samoas to me.) Recipe:  Samoa Girl Scout cookie … [Read more...]

Thin Mints ... AND cupcakes?  Unless you don't like chocolate, who could turn that down?  Totally jonesing to make this delish recipe from a friend that combines a favorite Girl Scout Cookie with chocolate cupcakes.  You just can't go wrong with a combo like that. Recipe:  Thin Mint Cupcakes Ingredients Cupcake 1/2 cup unsweetened … [Read more...]

Frozen S'mores, need I say more?  This one is a fabulous recipe to have and something you can make and then have on hand as a little goodie to enjoy anytime!  I do love fire pit S'mores but how nice to have an option that will last year round! I got these from my friend Zareen, who adapted this recipe from Marin Mama Cooks Frozen … [Read more...]

Probably torturing myself by sharing this one today but the pictures are just so beautiful and drool-worthy that I couldn't help it.  Everyone who knows my story and knows from yesterday that I'm currently doing a juice cleanse & detox can get a good chuckle out of my chocolate cake share today! This one comes from a friend and looks … [Read more...]

I hosted our monthly girls poker night at my house last week. It was a nice night and the last poker night of the summer and I wanted to make something fruity and fun for our evening.  After searching for a couple of different sangria recipes, I came up with this one. I started with only a couple of cans of ginger ale but added two more to make it … [Read more...]

A couple of months ago, I was at a friend's house for a party. A neighbor brought Mac & Cheese muffins, which was basically your regular homemade Mac & Cheese but rather than making it in a baking dish - they were made in a muffin tin. Everyone loved it! Everyone loves Mac & Cheese of course and by making them in the muffin tin they were finger … [Read more...]

I'll admit it - I love ice cream. Any day, any time, any season, any weather - it isn't very hard to convince me to have a cone with you. But buying ice cream every week can add up.  And many store-bought ice creams have all sorts of unpronounceable ingredients. Plus, let's not forget about those delicious seasonal flavors that one is forced to … [Read more...]

So I don't know that I've ever posted a recipe right here on the Mommies with Style blog. But as I've been actively trying to make better food choices and healthier decisions for my family, it's been on my mind a lot.  Here's a great recipe I recently made that the kids loved.  Healthy and yummy, what's not to love? --- My sister is vegan.  … [Read more...]